A strange thing happened in the office the other morning. I was walking back to my desk, at around 9:25, for a 9:30 meeting. As I got there, I could see 3 of the other attendees already on the phone and beckoning me to get a move on.

I checked my watch, my phone, the clock on the wall – all said the same thing: 9:25. Why was everyone on the call already? It turned out that the clock on everyone’s computer was saying it was 9:30 already, so they started the call early! They, too, had checked the time on phones and watches, and could the see the wall clocks as well as I could; but the computer says 9:30, so the humans obey.

I’m not sure what to make of this.

Farewell, FriendFeed

The best social network ever to have existed is shutting down. FriendFeed allowed me to aggregate my activity on other social networks and services – from a huge array of sources too; Last.fm scrobbles, Twitter, Flickr, blog posts, Xbox achievements, and more – into one feed.  As an aggregator, it had the potiential to get … more

Net Neutrality – Be careful what you wish for

Much has been made of the article in Wired by Tom Wheeler (head of America’s FCC) regarding net neutrality; mostly it’s been greeted positively but the wording of this little section has me worried: These enforceable, bright-line rules will ban paid prioritization, and the blocking and throttling of lawful content and services. Lawful content and … more

Data Retention Bill: What I asked my MP

The Open Rights Group are running a campaign to encourage everyone to contact their MP about the proposed Data Retention BillĀ  and I would urge anyone reading this to do exactly that. The CJEU have ruled that our current data retention law is not compatible with human rights; Austria, Solvenia and Romania have all concluded … more

I’m sure they’re the future, but until everyone has superfast speeds at home, digital game downloads on XBox One will – for most people – be a pain in the A.

My friend has been dying to “get ready for Titanfall”, so this morning he dutifully started downloading the game (today is its UK release date). He pinged me at 09:00 to say it was at 6%. At 17:30, I got this message:

33% in and still no play. But have mopped kitchen, been to tesco, had car cleaned, done front garden and walked dogs. Might hoover next!

XBox Live is already smart enough to asses the suitability of my network connection for multiplayer, so in this next-gen day of “digital first, physical second”, it should assess download suitability, too: “your internet connection sucks, mate; it’ll take you 2 days to complete this download. You’d be be better off purchasing a physical copy of the game from one of these fine outlets near you…”

Channel 4’s DataBaby Project

Channel 4 in the UK have launched an interesting experiment called Data Baby. Using the online persona of a fictional 27 year-old woman called Rebecca Taylor, the idea is to highlight just how easily the breadcrumb trail we leave behind as we move around the internet can be tied together to identify us. So far, … more